Sam Swartzberg

173 53 60 142 Am Kreuzberg 6 85125 Kinding

Berufserfahrung Work Experience

Freiberuflicher Übersetzer Freelance translator

2019 heute today
German English Deutsch Englisch English German Englisch Deutsch
Übersetzen von Werbetexten, Produktbeschreibungen und CSR-Texten sowohl für Kleinbetriebe als auch internationale Unternehmen . Translation of advertising copy, blurbs and CSR for small and international businesses .

Verteilung von Unterstützung an ObdachloseManagement and distribution of assistance for the homeless

Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe e.V.
Cooking & distributing food & clothing to homeless people, organizing distribution tours. Organisation
von Ausgabetouren ,Ausgabe von Essen und Kleidung an Obdachlose .

Front-End Entwickler Front-end developer

Fools Forward
  • Refactoring des Codes der Jobmama-App. Refactoring the Jobmama code base.
  • Entwickler für Module der Jobmama Web-App. Development of modules for the Jobmama web app.
  • Hauptverantwortlicher Entwickler eines Analytics-Dashboards. Main developer for an analytics dashboard.

Fahrradkurier für Gastronomie Bicycle courier for food delivery



  • Native in English and German . Basic proficiency in Spanish and Japanese . Muttersprachen: Englisch und Deutsch . Grundlegende Kenntnisse in Spanisch und Japanisch .
  • Skilled at JS , CSS and HTML , and posess functional proficiency in Python , Java and C# . Mein Fokus liegt auf JS , CSS und HTML , ich beherrsche ebenfalls Python , Java und C# .
  • Day-to-day experience with Git & GitHub . Git & GitHub sind meine täglichen Begleiter .
  • Experience using tools such as Regex , (Ba)sh and Python to automate tasks and make people's lives easier, amongst others. Ich nutze Tools wie Regex , (Ba)sh and Python . damit Aufgaben einfacher und flüssiger vonstatten gehen.
  • I have functional knowledge of most forms of media manipulation, from video and photo editing to vector design .
  • Depending on the standard, basic to advanced grasp of the hardware, concepts and standards underlying the functioning of computers.
  • Background in film & performing arts , experience on set , former member of improv & acting groups. Erfahrung in Film & Schauspiel , am Set , ehemaliges Mitglied von Improvisations- & konventionellen Schauspielgruppen .
  • Experiences with costume & makeup , both beauty-makeup and more extreme styles for drag.
  • Past life as an avid gamer, including managing and being a game master of a pen and paper RPG group.
  • Liver of the bicycle-touring & camping lifestyle, including tours down the Croatian coastline and a multi-country Danube tour.
  • Experiences in organizing groups for interests as varied as pen and paper RPGs, Shakespeare plays, and academic paper discussions.
  • Background in writing , including theory of writing, writing and performing poetry and writing screenplays.
  • Multidisciplinary background and interest, including study of philosophy, history, and linguistics as well as to a lesser extent media theory & analysis, gender studies, and anthropology. Interdisziplinäres Interesse, unter anderem an Philosophie, Geschichte, und Lingustik sowie auch Medientheorie & Analyse, Gender Studies, und Anthropologie.
  • Personal exploration of alterntive forms of intimacy, such as tantra and cuddle parties.
  • Part time work as a nude model, and as an extra in a large-scale TV production about nudity.
  • Have drawn a very cute octopus .

Bildung Education

B. A. Kultur und Technik BA Culture and Technology

Technische Universität Berlin Berlin Institute of Technology
  • Major in philosophy and minors in history as well as linguistics . Spezialisierung in Philosophie , Geschichte und Linguistik .
  • Courses in equal parts at all three of Berlin's major universities: Humboldt University , Free University and the Institute of Technology . Besuch von Kursen an den drei bedeutensten Berliner Unviersitäten: Der Humbold-Universität , der Freien Universität und der Technischen Universität Berlin .

AbiturHigh School Diploma

Maria Theresia Gymnasium
MünchenMunich BayernBavaria


  • Japanese culture! It's complicated, beautiful, about half of it is an invention of the last hundred-odd years or deeply problematic, but I love it! Japan und seine Kultur! Sie ist ungefähr zur Hälfte eine Erfindung der letzten hundert Jahre. kompliziert, und oft problematisch, - und vielleicht daher um so mehr faszinierend.
  • Feminism & Queer Theory have provided many difficult moments of self-reflection and insight, and I am passionate about everyone being able to explore their own gender identity, and frustrated by the hurdles that still exist.
  • Currently, I spend a lot of my time studying Japanese.
  • My ongoing passion is to find better ways to learn , and be able to remember the learned skills and that knowledge long-term, mostly via flashcards. Ich suche immer nach Wegen, mehr zu lernen, vor allem aber, das gelernte langfristig zu behalten, meist mittels digitalen, interaktiven Karteikarten.
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